SQL Sentry Software: The Ultimate SQL Server Performance Monitoring and Tuning Tool

Windows and SQL Server Metrics

Monitors and displays the most important Windows and SQL Server performance metrics side-by-side in a single view, so you have the full picture at a glance.

Windows and SSAS Performance Metrics

Captures and aggregates all high impact SSAS commands (MDX, DMX and XMLA), showing top commands by CPU and IO usage.

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Query Plan Analysis

Enhanced graphical plan view makes query plan analysis more efficient. Estimated cost labels use color scaling by CPU, IO, or CPU+IO so highest cost operations are instantly obvious, even on larger plans. Cumulative costs can also be shown in lieu of per node costs.

Wait Type Analysis

Wait Type analysis shows both high-level and detailed resource utilization, giving you an instant profile for SQL Server. Wait types are grouped together into friendly categories, and meaningless wait types are eliminated.

Visual Schedule Management

See your complex schedules in a whole new light with Event Manager's calendar view of Jobs, Top SQL, Blocks, Deadlocks, SSAS, SSIS, and SSRS events.

Alerting and Response System

The most comprehensive and reliable notification system available for SQL Server with 120+ alerting conditions and multiple response actions.

Chaining and Queuing

Easily enforce dependencies between SQL Server, Oracle and Windows Scheduler across your environment to ensure precise control over which events run and when.

Blocking and Deadlocks

Unlike other deadlock graphing tools, our deadlock nodes contain the concise information you need to quickly visualize the deadlock and determine the root cause. Hierarchical display of all blocking chains provides the most complete picture of blocks available for SQL Server.

Quick Trace®

SQL Sentry’s Quick Trace® provides an instant picture of exactly which processes and applications are consuming the most SQL Server resources, without having to open Profiler or Activity Monitor and manually correlate the results.

SQL Server Disk Activity

Our patent-pending graphical view of your server’s disk topology and activity shows you exactly how data is moving through your disk system, highlighting bottlenecks at the database file, physical disk, or controller level.

Global Server Status View

View key performance metrics for all Windows, SQL Server, and SSAS servers across your enterprise in one view! Metrics and servers change color based upon pre-defined warnings.

Performance Reporting

Powerful SSRS-based performance reporting, including Global Server Status, Wait Stats Analysis, Disk Space, Database File Size, and many more. Custom reports aren’t limited to Windows counters. Report on data collected from DMVs, WMI, and even internally calculated metrics like Waits by Category!

Real-time and Historical Modes

Easily switch between real-time and historical modes to view performance metrics for any date range. Go back days or even months to see exactly how your SQL Server performance has changed over time.

If you would like more details before downloading a free trial, check out
SQL Sentry Event Manager, Performance Advisor for SQL Server and Performance Advisor for Analysis Services.

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